Exclusive products that showcase your confidence and passion for being the best version of you.

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  Haute & Muslim is an exclusive fashion apparel and personal accessories store that enables success-driven and empowered Muslim  women and men to express the confident side of their persona. We offer you the highest quality products to make sure you look and feel extraordinary.

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A Sip of Motivation


Blending Faith, Coffee,

and Confidence for Awesomeness

Your Notes to Success


Create Your Roadmap

to Success, and Get There

Your Notes to Success


Create Your Roadmap

to Success, and Get There


To create products that empower you, to identify your capabilities, to make you believe everything is possible, and to help you maintain the positivity, energy, and focus you need to become successful.

It Shows What You Believe


Wear Your Passion, Trust Your Beliefs

and Own Who You Truly Are

At Haute & Muslim we are creating elevated lifestyles with products that contribute to the eagerness to accomplish great thigns in life. Our product design process revolves around your committmnt to excellence and unwavering belief in the belessings of the Almighty.

We are using the finest raw material, integrating latest style trends and cutting edge production technology to create products that every ummi must have.

Step Out in Style


Your Perfect Companion and Personal

Items Carrier for Weekend Escapes

Give Your Home an Artistic Feel

Captivating Wall Art

Framed and Canvas Art

Show Your Artistic Elegance

Re-standardizing Passion Wear and Fashion Wear

Haute & Muslim is for women looking for products that can symbolize their passion and untiring drive for conquest. Finding a line of style products and accessories that represents your beliefs, cultural affinity, and determination for an extraordinary lifestyle was a futile struggle.

With Haute & Muslim, our goal is to offer you the passion wear that makes you look and feel phenomenal.

Premium Products for an Elegant Muslim Woman

Every item in our store is crafted to provide you with a rich, and luxurious feeling.

While helping hundreds of people become successful business owners, entrepreneurs, book authors, and publishers and amazing parents, I realized that everyone needs a few personal products that keep them focused, resilient for success, and motivated. And, these products need to be tailored for you.

My team and I worked tirelessly, creating, designing, and quality testing each product to make it perfect. What you get is not just an item; it is a representation of confidence in you, commitment to excellence, and dedication to being the best version of you.

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